Updating the manifest mf


If you find that Ant generates manifests incompatible with your runtime, take a manifest it has built, fix it up however you need and switch to using the Creates or replaces the file MANIFEST. Note that the Built-By attribute will take the value of the Ant property $.

(Version and vendor information is contained in special headers that you can add to a JAR file's manifest.

The Apache Ant team regularly gets complaints that this task in generating invalid manifests.

updating the manifest mf-2updating the manifest mf-32updating the manifest mf-70

It seems there is a bug somewhere in the process, and you need to make sure that your one line has a carriage return at the end, so I put a blank line after the line shown above.

The Java Archive (JAR) format consolidates multiple files into a single archive file, which contain Java classes and other auxiliary files (such as properties files). Accordingly, when you use a JAR file, you inherit offerings of the ZIP format, including lossless data compression and archiving.

Archiving class files and compressing them allows you to distribute applications quickly in a network environment.

Note that file permissions will not be stored in the resulting jarfile.

It is possible to refine the set of files that are being jarred.

The usual problem is that some third party manifest reader is not following the same specification as well as they think they should; we cannot generate invalid manifest files just because one single application is broken.

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