Updating fmla policy


NEW FLMA REGULATIONS: THE DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS More than 760 pages of new regulations governing the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) took effect January 16, 2009.

Under GINA, a “request” for genetic information includes .

If those records do not go back seven years, the burden is on the employee to submit sufficient proof of service.

Further, because an employee remains employed while out on employer-approved leave, the employee becomes eligible for FMLA leave once he/she reaches the 12-month threshold.

While the paid maternity benefits policy is optional, certain state laws require employers to provide employees with time out of work due to pregnancy-related disabilities.

Since 1993, complying with the FMLA had always been complex, but at least the law (once you figured it out) stayed the same. 16, 2009, when the first major overhaul of the act took effect.

“Child” means younger than 18 or incapable of self-care.; * An employee’s own serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform one or more of the essential functions of his/her job.

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