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Learn more about these services under the “Areas of Practice.” Listening to clients and being sensitive to their wants and needs have made Johnson Smith one of the most highly-respected and successful law firms in Spartanburg and South Carolina.

Earning that respect and achieving our success are the results of years of hard work and dedication by many people, dating back to 1955, when the firm was established by Edwin W.

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Drayton Mill is ideally situated to Live, Work and Play.

Remember if you are searching, please complete a Male born? Murray in which she made mention of baby sister just ten months old at the time I was born. If anyone has any information about this I would appreciate speaking with you. we didn't know of his existence until a year or so ago. I believe she would be in her late 60's or early 70's. not sure was also told my birth mom was a runaway from fl. According to the files my parents gave me my birthmother was Peggy Dove and my birthfather was Don Carter Sr and was held in contempt of court. If you know of anyone that may fit this description, please contact me ASAP BM looking for information regarding my son.

possibly Rock Hill or Charleston - St Phillips Hospital? Woman she gave me to was staying in a room above Claussen's Bakery in Jan of 1946. I have A birth Cert.(copy)for Dwight Duke, dated 02/11/1947. C./Vital Records can't locate Records for Dwight Duke.attempting to locate someone that I might be related to. I am not looking for a reunion or forcing this in anyway. Thank You Female twins, Birth Family is searching for these ladies. she stayed at the Florence Crittenton home in savannah Ga. my name is Angle and I always felt I had a big brother and come to find out, I do. was put up for adoption from Aiken SC -Stanley Michelman handled all the arrangments/paperwork/etc.

- named Billy - removed from birth mother he believes in Charleston around 5 years of age by a Priest Vincent G Scharff - priest took him by train to NY - Baptized on 4-1-1939 at St Ann Rock Hill Adoption never finalized. Her husband worked for the ACLRailroad (transitive). It is signed by Loyd Fleming/Clerk of court-Charleston County. I believe that I was adopted in Anderson through St. Birth Mother is alive and living in nursing home in Ohio, Twins have 1/2 brother and two 1/2 sisters. Not sure about birth father except he was in the military. You have 3 brothers and 3 sisters that have been looking for you over 10 years Female - I was born July 5, 1955 at St. his and my mother, at the time of his birth, name was Camellia cash. ANGIELooking for birth father who would have known BM around Thanksgiving 1955. Born in South Carolina and doctor was an intern/ Dr. male/ Charleston SC, am searching for birthmom and or siblings. son was adopted into a family in upper New York State by a physician and his r.n. they has two children already when they adopted my son, or so i was told by Michelman.

She gave me to a 3rd party and apparently left town leaving a c/o addy of F. Exley in Rocky Mt, NC, however mail was returned 'unclaimed' when she was contacted in 1951. Birth family is registered with the DSS registry so my twin sisters, born in Bowman, SC, 5-25-46, given for adoption at age 18 months-may be adopted by a family in North Carolina. C., I have hazel colored eyes, and my natural hair color was auburn . Frances Hospital in Charleston SC my birth mothers first name was Mary, My adopted parents are Robert and Mary Wilburn. BM was English woman named Dorothy Bowlar Johnson who lived for short time in Spartanburg/Startex area. My only info i have is a document from lawyer stating her name and that birth father abandon her prior to my birth. African American female born December 19, 1958, given name Linda by birthmother; changed after adoption which took place June of 1959 finalized. Bmom stayed at Florence Crittenton Home during pregnancy and was 16 years old at time of birth. I am in search for my Birth Mother and Father, and any siblings that I may have. She was in service and lived with an Aunt on one of the Islands off Charleston while pregnant. Birth Son may have blonde hair, blue eyes, and perhaps rather tall. Please contact I am a Birth Mother wanting to let my son know its ok to contact me.

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