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During a recent summer school final, my students, working in pairs, asked ten questions and gave ten answers based on a randomly selected common topic in a three minute period; they had no time to prepare to talk. To develop that skill, I have my students do activities like Spanish Question Words Speed-Asking Partner Speaking ( in which they practice seeing how many questions they can ask about a topic and Spanish Questions Modified Speed Dating Whole Class Speaking ( in which they ask a question from a card and their partner answers the question, then the partner asks a questions.Students need much practice in asking and answering questions before they can do it spontaneously to find out information from a partner.Speed first enters the Terminal Button in one of several ways.Speed is very similar on a molecular level to Dopamine so Speed can enter the Dopamine transporter or speed can diffuse into the neuron.Games can be a wonderful way to get students engaged in the language classroom.

My students practice in asking and answering questions.So if you want to learn to expand your communications skills, understand motivation, get out of survival mode all while learning: How to pick up beautiful women, how to pick up girls at the mall, how to pick up girls at the gym, how to pick up women in bars, or how to pick up college girls then you have landed in the right place to build a solid foundation.If you are depressed, angry, hopeless, anxious or stressed or feel your income is blocked, have trouble with trust issues, then learn to have fun and be serious with the opposite sex.Regardless of what terminology you use, keep in mind @tmsaue1’s comment, “It’s not important WHAT game you play, but WHY you play the game. ” Furthermore, as @ninatanti1 shared, “Engagement is the key.If they’re engaged, the activity/game is a success.” What makes a good [email protected] reminded us that finding ways to move past single word responses is very important.

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