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But this experience has taught both Tiana and Wesley that the Lord has provided us with multiple and unexpected ways to perform missionary work—even from prison. Katie Lambert - The Church made a minor but important change to the bread sacrament prayer in the French scriptures recently.

The change, which was announced by the First Presidency in April, included replacing the word veulent with sont dispos és á in the sacrament prayer for the bread.

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A local singles club will have a social mixer sponsored by a singles group.

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Find a date at a bar or club, speed dating events or singles activities.

Despite only being able to write to her husband once a month, Tiana has decided to stand by Wesley as the two endure this next trial in their marriage, I Love Being Mormon shares .

After exploring the otters, penguins, eels, and sharks- take a stroll down historic, waterfront Cannery Row.

Try some famous clam chowder on Fisherman’s Wharf or go on a whale watching tour.

Employees at local technology firm Halverson Enterprises remarked to reporters Monday that CEO Peter Weathers, 61, has an extraordinary gift for discovering great ideas and then swiftly running them into the ground with his horrible modifications.

LDS Living Staff - Thanks to I Love the Book of Mormon for making us aware of this video.

You can meet potential dates at a singles event or singles activity.

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