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Both Layla and Rahima are wearing all-enveloping black gowns and niqabs – face veils that reveal only their eyes. Suddenly, we notice a bald man in his sixties, just a few feet away, making unmistakably rude gestures at us.They won’t be striking any poses; just walking casually along the pavement or crossing the street. Moments later, just as a bus is pulling into the kerb, a youth in a white baseball cap leans out of his car to shout: “Fuck you!I am nearing 22 years old as a male and would like to marry a pious and religious girl on the path of our Salaf.Can you recommend any halal Sunnah websites where I can contact the Wali of religious pious girls and where pictures of the girls are not shown.

I’ve just arrived here with a photographer friend, Eleanor, and our “models” – two obliging young women.

this is good news for the single Salafi diaspora on this forum. (This is not done out of any form of assabiyah but purely because we have a responsibility to our sisters least that we would give one of them to a brother who has a corrupt understanding of Islam, which will therefore contaminate her understanding, and lead her further away from that which is more correct).2) We have taken months of planning and done our utmost to make this service 100% halal, therefore no direct chat or messaging takes place between brothers and sisters, and no pictures can be seen or viewed without the consent of the appropriate parties (and/or there representatives).3) As we are a non-for-profit charity we have tried to make this service affordable for all, thus we ask for less than 1.70 per month from each candidate to help cover our costs and support our dawah.4) We hold user confidentiality as one of our foremost concerns, in that every user has the right to remain anonymous until they had found someone suitable and they wish to make contact.

Of the many reasons we recommend that you search via our service is........1) We only accept salafi 'Brothers' whose profiles (and sometimes reference) we investigate to establish that they had an adequate understanding of the Sunnah and the manhaj of the Salaf.

I wanted to make sure that her physical appearance would not influence my judgement so no picture request was sent.

Despite so many differences between us (origins, city, occupation) it felt great talking to her and it was like we were already connected to each other.

Because of this, our unique features include the option for sisters to include their wali in conversations, and a team of moderators devoted to constantly ensuring the strict upholding of Islamic etiquette in all stages of contact between users as well as the individual profiles themselves.

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