Russian dating mamba petropavlovsk mixology dating service

It has already bought up, and, among others, and its site is available in 10 languages.India is first on Wamba’s target list – at the moment there isn’t a freemium social dating site (which offers basic services for free, with the option of paying for additional options).Wamba then hopes to expand in Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.

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Go through the booths, visit to talk about marketing or business - and don't forget about Badgerball! Go through the booths, drop by to talk about marketing or business - and do not forget about Badgerball!There'll be some common DJs you understand Can't wait to see everyone in the Affiliate Marketing party - talk soon!Leading Russian dating site “Mamba” has changed its name to Wamba as it seeks to expand into new markets.“In Russia we can only grow as fast as the market”, explained Executive Director Yaroslav Sergeev, “so we are targeting two new growth areas – mobile Internet and international expansion.” Sergeev added that in many countries the “mamba” domain is already taken by Storck, a producer of chewy sweets, so “Mamba” had to create a new brand for the international market.By 2005, the site was reporting an estimated 4-5 million users, with the FINAM Investment Company purchasing a controlling interest in the company, as its service was rolled out to Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, the USA and Israel etc.

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