Roaming profiles not updating

I have a testuser and within server management have created a test user profile on the server.

so share permissions to 'Profiles' should be full control to everyone.

____________________________________________________ I've run sysinternal's process monitor (after testuser has logged in and out) and added a filter for ntuser and there dont seem to be any processes using the testuser ntuser file.

I only get ntuser results for the logged on administrator account. I've since tried using a piece of software called uph clean that closes processes that are holding the ntuser files open.

However, any changes made by the user are not updated to the server but saved to the local profile.

Also for any subsequent logons the local machine uses the local profile created upon the first logon. ___________________________________________ I'm not too bothered about the profiles updating to the server as I want to create mandatory profiles for each user group, but I expect this will be part and parcel of any solution. Here are some things i've tried from another thread.

Because it make them easy to back up, you only have one location to backup the profiles.) I'm probably the only person here who is regularly logged into multiple machines at the same time. It is meant to load easily and give me domain-admin rights on the machines here. i have it set as a share, and give everyone at the share level full control(use domain users) then break the folders down to person x or person Y on the folder level.

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