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This method will show you how to set or change the permission lever for others viewing your free and busy information easily in Microsoft Outlook 20.

Step 1: Shift to the Calendar view, and select a calendar that you will share its free and busy information with others under My Calendars.

You will wind up doing this for all your "free" times, but if you copy and paste the word "Reserved" or "Desk Work" or whatever you want to call the time, it makes it a little less cumbersome. I have to use the medical scheduling software for my practice.

I have imported the internet calendar and I can see my schedule.

But on some calendars where the Properties are set to User = Default, Role = Free/Busy, time, subject, location (i.e.

the owner of the calendar doesn't want me to see the notes on the meeting), I can't see any appointments at all. When I use Outlook 2013 on Windows with the same account, I can see the calendar entries for that use just fine.

There are five options in the drop down list of Show As: box: Free, Tentative, Busy, Out of Office, and Working Elsewhere. Step 3: Compose your appointment, and click the Save & Close button.

As an exchange user in Microsoft Outlook, you can set permission for others to view the Free/Busy information in your calendar.

Therefore, other users can pick up free time for group schedules, such as meeting.

For an exchange account in Microsoft Outlook, it allows users to share their calendar free and busy information with other users.

Therefore, according to the free and busy information, other users can pick out a suitable time for meeting requires easily.

Then these appointments will be marked and shown as Free, Busy, Tentative, or Out of Office, both in your Outlook and in other exchange users’ Outlook who share your calendar information.

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