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The statement below would require that all 4 fields of the specified row be passed to the processing script.Here we also realize the value of including the automatically incremented id field to specify a unique identifier for each row of the birthdays table.This function returns the number of deleted records plus the number of inserted records. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE" queries, the return value will be I see that when try to use mysql_affected_rows() with "mysql_pconnect(...)" without link indetifier as param in "mysql_affected_rows()" the result is allways -1.When use link identifier "mysql_affected_rows($this_sql_connection)" - everything is Fine.Note: If you have accessed this web page via a search engine, you should go back and start at the Beginning.

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The LIMIT clause makes it easy to code multi page results or pagination with SQL, and is very useful on large tables.This creates the possibility that may not actually equal the number of rows matched, only the number of rows that were literally affected by the query.The REPLACE statement first deletes the record with the same primary key and then inserts the new record.Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Using My SQL 5.6 with Inno DB storage engine for most of the tables. I tried inserting data to a My ISAM table row by row and it took 35 minutes.Inno DB buffer pool size is 15 GB and Innodb DB indexes are around 10 GB. I have one big table which contains around 10 millions records. I need to take only 3 values per line out of 10-12 from the file and update it in the database.Using update query i want to update record status='y' and else other record set status='n', in one query. For example: In my table 1 to 1000000 ids record, Now i have selected ids to active record is 1,5,6,90,234,500,34 this all ids i want 'Y' and other all 'N'.

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