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It is important to realize that the Kabbalah is more about losing ourselves than about finding, becoming more other-centered and less ego ...

Discover what Kabbalah is, and the proven techniques for building a strong and beautiful life with Kabbalah-Dating.

I have tried my best to ignore it since I joined Kabbalah in Late 2003...

I have thought long and hard about this as I didn't want to badmouth others, but at the same time I didn't want people to be exposed to danger.

We will now describe the third group of sefirot which we will call the "tactical" sefirot; they are netzach, "victory," and hod, "awe." When we call these sefirot "tactical," we mean that their purpose is not inherent in themselves, but rather as a means for something else.

For example, if I wish for my son, whom I love with all my heart, to make something of himself, I may have to be strict and stern with him in order to teach him discipline or insure that he applies himself to his studies, etc.

I used to be one of their sheeps who was on the forums doing their dissimination... Admins, please erase my other posts about Kabbalah (since I am no longer behind them).

----------------------------- I have had many questions regarding Kabbalah that are now falling in their places.

They act as spiritual transformers, spiritual filters for the awesome and sublime light of God, resulting in the manifestation of different traits that form the basis of all creation and mankind.

If you think that finding the love of fairytales will make you happy, think again.

The love of fairytales isn't really love, but the use of others for self satisfaction. Love is when you don't pay any attention to yourself, but you take the desires of another person and try to fulfill them in exactly the way they would like.

Hence, the love we read about in fairytales is really an illusion, and does not exist in reality.

It's because all of our desires are based only on the desire to fulfill ourselves.

I feel that it is my duty to tell you this out of my compassion.

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