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Adding channels on gaming and fashion, by 2013 her four combined channels had approximately a million subscribers. , filmed at the You Tube sound stage in Playa Vista, California, and the Pajama Party show, a makeup review show that has had guests such as Hannah Hart, Taryn Southern and Shane Dawson.

On October 31st, 2015, Olga started her successful series Will It Juggle?

And they’re like, “Wait, is that something you say in Russian? What kind of mother do you have that raised you a certain way?The movie will feature more than a dozen prominent You Tubers, and also feature cameos from Janice Dickinson and Rampage Jackson.Joe Nation“ Relativity’s digital studio and Film On are co-producing the project, which Film On is financing., which she announced at the first annual Stream Con NYC.In the series, she takes viewers' suggestions of items to juggle, usually succeeding due to her circus roots.So Toby uploaded that video pretty much saying sorry for a drunk tweet on a photo of Olga and his best friend on a date... I know Seth since 2009 so chill pretty face." Toby then said: "You wanted me to see that you guys went out after he dropped me off.

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