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We in the sky, I see it in her eyes, She knows we'll never die, on a plane we riding high You easy-mac, and I got cream cheese She likes me for my raps, She likes my team C's.

We staying up late, and we ain't coming down You sweeping up the play, we coming home now Never thought I'd get this chance, We get nice all night, let me get this dance You know I'm there, right there let me get this hand You turn around, get down and we get this plan.

Come by and flip the cups You know we actin' right Cause we don't give a fuck [Chorus:] I never met a girl just like you She parties hard and she gets down When it's, just us two My heart beats hardly when she's round (round)...

[Verse 2:] I'm a stay for the night, everybody know I play with the right I know I stay in and write, You know I stay in and light.

The central point of the novel—the teen's vanity—is exhaustingly revisited between minor forays into plot-furthering events; probably three quarters of the book's pages are devoted to the protagonist evaluating her pose, stride, clothes, hair, make-up, voice-modulation, etc.

Readers may disagree as to whether this makes Sukie significantly realistic and empathetic or simply an over-the-top vehicle for Ephron's message.

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