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Hereditary haemochromatosis (HC) is an autosomal recessive disorder characterised by excessive iron absorption from the diet.In populations of northern European origin, as in Christchurch, New Zealand, most HC is due to mutations in the HFE gene on chromosome 6.Come face-to-face with enigmatic figures, sprawling sloths and cabinets full of the unexpected in an unforgettable survey of this internationally acclaimed, New Zealand-born artist’s work.spans twenty years of practice and features important loans from public and private collections in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.We provide services to help small businesses – existing businesses, start-ups, and not-for-profit.

Exquisitely imagined and startlingly strange, her sculptures and paintings reverberate with possible histories, both ancient and imagined.

The Christchurch Small Business Enterprise Centre (CSBEC) helps small businesses find answers to questions like this.

We spoke with Mike, from CSBEC, to find out what information sources they use.

Though the prevalence of these mutations in the New Zealand Caucasian population is high, biochemical evidence of iron overload is seen in only 70% of C282Y homozygotes and clinical manifestations in an even smaller proportion.

Penetrance is even less marked in those with non-C282Y HFE mutations.

Statistics NZ is one of our key sources, and we always point our customers there.

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