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Since, the two have been fairly inseparable, often spotted sitting courtside at Boston Celtic games (The two grew up just outside of Boston, 10 miles away from one another!

), hitting the streets together and on the red carpet.

Once we all got ours, our collective dating lives changed.

No longer were we confined to meeting up with women who lived on our block or just a short bus ride away. That increased access led me and my boys, a pack of tall, young basketball playing, DMX loving kids, to the city right next to us where the big area mall was.

The mall was absolutely flooded with a lot of Black boys and a ton of White girls who wore Baby Phat jackets, long dangling earrings and combed down their baby hair.

Initially, it was jarring as hell for me because growing up in the town that we lived in, I had become accustomed to hanging out with suburban White girls who looked like cast members on Full House, while being romantically interested in Black girls.

Firstly, it’s quite obvious that the vast numbers of black men especially dating and marrying outside their race is pathological.

I have no kids (wouldn't mind a couple just never met her), No Drama and no debt!!!The two welcomed a son, Varro Blair Mendez, into their lives on December 25, 2011.The Good Wife” and “Law and Order” met his wife, Tara Lynn Wilson, in 2004 at a music venue he owned called The Cutting Room.(I am looking for male and female friends.) I also have a special place in ?Alabama hockeygurl82 34 Woman Seeking Men(BEFORE YOU READ ON, I AM SEEKING AND INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP ONLY. And, even if it wasn’t, it would welcome the differences that set people apart.

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