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-John and Nathan Tue Mar 4 PST 2003 -- Former Inreach DSL customers in the Stockton (LATA 9) area will be moved to the Sonic network during a maintenance window Thursday, 3/6/03, between 5 and 7 AM.

Or just another way to explore the hells of dating?

Well I'm probably not any kind of expert (um, I'm still single) but I like to think I've learned a few things about it along the way.

They shield or play down the parts that aren't so likeable. You build up sort of a sugar-coated version of each other, you have tons of fun talking to each other, you have someone to talk to and confide in.

If you say you love gardening, they play up their gardening interests. You get drawn into feeling SUPER close to each other, when if you met that exact same person in real life, you'd have a much more realistic view of how well you two really would work together. It's always great to have friends to talk to, and on the internet you can share your feelings and emotions and have that outlet.

My name is Elena,but my nickname on site-elenabest. I'm single,without children yet,but I hope to find my future by net...

I even offered to pay her for her ticket, once she got here to Barclona, but of course, that was refused by her, at which time she sent me a rather terse email saying she doesn't want "penpals" and can't wait for me anymore..

Not much different than the other scams I've read about.. If you take as look at them you will see all the red flags I mentioned in my previous letter to you.

SATSG Laura on the pros and cons For some, online dating is still taboo - something they don't really want to admit to, and will happily concoct a backstory to gloss over, should they actually meet anyone.

But then, those people probably don't write in excruciating detail about their love/sex life in a national magazine, so I'm not going to be quite as coy about admitting - I ONLINE DATE.

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