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Even if they seem cool with it at first (they’re not), the “cute” hand holding always spirals out of control. You don’t even remember your other housemates’ names (and why can’t we just throw them out of OUR house?! Do you honestly think you can live together again in harmony like before? imagine if you lived next door to each other’s room and you hear a little creek in the middle of the night..

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They need you and your spouse to be great parents and great lovers.By checking when the next batch was started, it's possible to get a fairly accurate date of when any particular machine might have left the assembly line.Featherweights having serial numbers that begin with the prefix letter 'A' were made in Elizabethport, New Jersey, whereas those that begin with the prefix letter 'E' were manufactured in Kilbowie, Scotland.Using the serial number you can use the charts below to find the date when your machine was given a batch assignment at the factory.There is a long propounded myth that the Singer Company can pinpoint the very day of manufacture of its machines. The date given as a "birthdate" is simply the day on which vast batches of serial numbers were released to the various factories.If it’s come up recently between you and your spouse, take heart. Read more Series The parallel between romantic love and God’s relationship with His people is a theme that runs all the way through Scripture, and it has a great deal to teach us about the spiritual dimension of marriage.

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