Dating vintage benrus watches

The watch you have LOOKS very similar to the military grade watches after WW1 .

Your watch likely has a workhorse 15j swiss mechanical movement in it.

The ’60s were also the decade when comedian Jerry Lewis was hired to pitch the Belforte, one of two modestly priced Benrus lines (the other was Sovereign). In 1967, Benrus was sold to Victor Kiam, who also owned the Remington Razors.It probably has a breguet hairspring , with a fixed stud carrier adjustable balance.The jewels back then were more often than not real rubis and sometimes , even real sapphire or diamond. The dial on your watch is likely enameled , by hand.Many Cyma watches made it to our shores during that period.Id guess your watch was made in the late 1930's to early 40's. Running Well And Superb Vintage Seiko Sea Horse 66-8980 Stainless Steel Case New Seiko crystal Fitted Great looking vintage seiko sea horse Working and keeping time Nice collectable vintage seiko No Time Wasters I Will Include Reg Post Condition: New. See the Wiki links below for further information on Vostok wa Vintage orient sk automatic japan men's wrist watch. Slight ware on tip of one lug, cream dial ,runs perfect .manual wind on new brown leather strap ,not getting any wrist time.

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