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“I welded it myself,” explains Greg, “after Tim came up with the idea.” And since then, their rig and its shoe have become somewhat of a staple not only within their club, but at Pride celebrations across the nation.

Which of course, provides Greg and Tim with their own feelings of pride. And according to Mark, a long-time member, “It was a Godsend!

The couple of 26 years were spending their days as landscapers in Temecula when they happened upon Rainbow RV. To which Greg agrees, “We finally found fellowship.” Rainbow RV had been around since 1997, but in 2009 it was in desperate need of new leadership. ” After which Tim came out of his shell and into his own and Greg followed suit.

They had recently left their community church after feelings of judgment had arisen, and they were searching for like-minded people. “At first, I didn’t want to buy the club,” said Tim. For prospective members of Rainbow RV, one might wonder – how do you socialize with other couples?

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If you're single, and love tiny houses, here's some good news: now there's now a dating site just for you.

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