Dating a non talker


Being an extrovert with a hot temper I find it difficult to deal with introverted people.

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Some of them continue to ramble on even when no one is listening anymore.

Similar to the way Woody Allen gets all sorts of people (from Jason Biggs to Kenneth Branagh) to impersonate him in his films, the "Shaun" role is ably filled here by another.

Premise is non-stop talker Ultramax as Jane Johnson on the phone complaining to her computerized sex provider (of the title) about bad service, and ordering up new humpers, preferably a brother-sister team, to fulfill her fantasies.

It's the energy that sets a Shaun Costello 1-day porn wonder apart from the competition, and MAXINES' DATING SERVICE (incorrect punctuation displayed in the on-screen credits) is immediately recognizable as the master's work.

What fooled me is that Davey Jones (if IMDb's credit is correct) pops up early in the film as a gigolo-in-a-hurry, who I thought looked like Shaun but wasn't him.

Shooing Dick & Dee Dee into the bedroom, Jane services Harvey satisfyingly, with latter even throwing in a W. Meanwhile in the bedroom the siblings are doing what comes naturally, rendered amusing by a tasteless gag of Dick finding a long-lost marble in Dee Dee's vagina, recalling how their incestuous proclivities dated back to childhood games.

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