Cyndi wang dating

She acted alongside JJ Lin in three short love stories (in 2006), a movie (Candy Rain) in 2008 with Karena Lam, held concerts (personal concerts and with Jungiery's J-Stars) and she also made several commercials and endorsements.Wang graduated from the Okazaki Arts School in Taipei, and completed a drama course at Hua Gang Arts School (臺北市私立華岡藝術學校). Wang's mother is a Hakka, Wang and her younger brother were raised in a single-parent family. She professed to be a Hakka, following her mother's side. Cyndi has started her singing career with fresh faced good girl image, but now she is going to shed that sweet cutesy image in favour of a sexier one.

To prepare for her dance for track, Cyndi spent 4 to 6 hours a day for consecutive two months to perfect her moves.

She only updated her Facebook stating, “I miss my home!

” Meanwhile, Sonia’s “The Fierce Wife” producer Wang Pei-hua said, “Sonia had yet to recover from her old wound, but now a new wound come again”, sparking speculations that the actress may have returned home to her family for comfort.

She also composed two songs in her Magic Cyndi and Fly! She wrote the "I'll be Better" (我會更好) lyric in her album H2H.

Her self-composed Stick to You (黏黏黏黏) from her latest album Sticky (黏黏黏黏) was chosen as opening theme for her latest drama [Love Keeps Going].

I’m not going to feel schadenfreude to hear this news but there are some who are understandably going to react with a “you get what’s due” sense of inevitable.

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