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It has been claimed that fellow pupils were encouraged to beat Joy up.

Parent Mary Wanjiku told Nairobi News: 'The desk mates were ordered to teach her how to read and beat her if she could not.'The teacher started hitting her on the back when the girl said she could not read.'It is alleged by parents that classmates were urged to hit Joy in order to cover up the teacher's brutality.

If a strike is called, only a relatively small number of routes will be affected.

Only one group of workers, known as Mixed Fleet, is involved in the dispute.

“We’re looking at a clear 8 to 9 percent of our ministry possibly being shut down all at once.” Compassion sends about million per year in humanitarian aid to India.

That makes it the “single largest contributor of aid for children living in extreme poverty” in India, said committee chairman Ed Royce.

For most British Airways passengers, there is no likelihood of industrial action disrupting their plans.He said: 'I transferred my child from the school after he was beaten badly by the teacher and there are many others who have the same complaint.Compassion International is “weeks away from permanently withdrawing” from India, according to its testimony this week to a Congressional committee.That’s about 8 percent of the 1.9 million children assisted by Compassion worldwide, but also more than any other of the 25 countries where it works.“This is a huge turning point in Compassion’s history,” US communications director Tim Glenn told Mission Network News.Yet, he said, Compassion “could be shut down because of Indian government regulators” in mere weeks.

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