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Examples: G2G (got to go), LOL (laughing out loud)A person who is employed by the state and has the authority to enforce the laws within the jurisdiction of their title. It may contain text, photos, graphics, sound or video.

An icon or picture that represents a participant in online chat, in forums and in games.

Making copies of computer data in case something happens to your machine or operating system and the information is lost.

Bandwidth refers to how much data can be sent through an internet connection. The higher the bandwidth, the faster users can surf the web or download files.

Cell phones are such a vital part of American’s lives that many users will not be parted from their device, even as they sleep: African American and Hispanic cell users are more intense and frequent users of all of the phone’s capabilities than whites.

Minorities send more text messages and make more calls on average than their white counterparts.

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Many devices store information in the device’s memory, on the SIM card, and/or on SD memory cards.Others, like Google Android based phones make a virtue of their Location tracking capabilities.All of these have their uses, but present dangers to a whistleblower trying to contact a journalist or blogger or other intermediary to set up face to face meetings or to arrange whistleblower document deliveries or drops.Still, adults do not send nearly the same number of texts per day as teens ages 12-17, who send and receive, on average, 5 times more texts per day than adult texters.Americans especially appreciate that their cell phones make them feel safer (91% of cell owners say that) and help them connect to friends and family to arrange plans (88% agree).Still, some users express irritation with their phone for the disruptions it creates, though the heaviest users of the phone are no more likely to express irritation with their phone than lower level users.

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