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The Board of Regents of New York had prepared a list of subversive organizations, including the Communist Party, and determined that membership in these organizations was sufficient reason for a teacher’s disqualification.

The Court held that the proscription of “treasonable or seditious” conduct and of “advocacy” of violent overthrow was unconstitutional for vagueness: A teacher could not foretell whether statements about abstract doctrine were prohibited, or whether only speech intended to incite action was grounds for dismissal.

Must judges and senators be romantically involved only with people of similar status? But if a 22-year-old graduate student gets involved with a 24-year-old teaching assistant or a 28-year-old assistant professor, and I think that's much more likely, that relationship is also prohibited by university policy." Why do companies have such policies? Universities, in contrast, generally present the policies as an attempt to prevent status abuse, he said.

"Do I think it's wise for an 18-year-old to be involved with a 40-year-old? Many of the country's premier universities, including Yale and the University of California, prohibit faculty-student romance, with the penalty of possible termination for faculty who violate the policy.

In keeping with Biola University‘s mission and its commitment to evangelical Christianity, all members of the University community are expected to follow the teachings of Scripture.

Therefore, Biola University affirms that sexual relationships are designed by God to be expressed solely within a marriage between husband and wife.

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Why, he asks, must the university legislate against them?Defense Secretary Robert Mc Namara, hard-driving architect of a war in Vietnam that began with the largely fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incident and continued with fraudulent warnings of danger to the Free World, confessed tearfully in “The Fog of War” that the war was undertaken with deceit and delusion.Republican political operative Lee Atwater, whose television ads hyping feral blacks helped cost Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis the 1988 election, begged forgiveness from African-Americans on his deathbed.So the crusaders and their followers find an almost seductive, even thrilling relief and release in assailing the more-vulnerable targets being presented to them. It works in the tawdry, predictable ways that leaders of these rituals understand only too well.Some even find the prospect of naming, sighting, and punishing the enemy so thrilling that they go right out and join the hunt for prey that can be held up plausibly as proof of the disloyalty and danger: Sacco and Vanzetti as anarchists, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as Jewish Communist spies, Willie Horton and O. That new clarity can prompt regret and even penitence among the scapegoaters.In holding for the teacher, the Court wrote eloquently that: The essentiality of freedom in the community of American universities is almost self-evident.

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