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He studied film and media arts at American University. He was previously in a relationship with popular Instagrammer Ayalla The Bunny.

He has posted covers to You Tube of artists such as Nicki Minaj, Bring Me the Horizon, Falling In Reverse and more.

Electronic dance pop recording artist who started the musical project Social Repose.

In 2015, Social Repose released the album Yalta, which featured the single "Island of Yours." He founded the musical project in 2011 in Washington DC.

He has it under control, along with the fact that Frank doesn't know he is gay. Frank has to tell someone about his conquests and because he doesn't know Gerard is gay, Gerard hears everything. (Basically a high school AU where some band members are students in a fudged up school they have revenge on while Brendon slowly becomes Panic!

Gerard doesn't let it bother him, he knows Frank is straight, there is no hope for anything happening between them so why should he get cut up about all of Frank's one night stands? King again) "So the paperwork is all complete and now Frank is officially yours.""Wonderful!

There's a quote for everyone, whether it's funny, inspirational, rare or just plain odd.

Its Just Been Something They've Always Done, But Its Nothing Sexual.

Its More Of A Brotherly Kiss, Because The Whole Band Is So Close.

Can Frank overcome his ‘behavioral problems’ from his past trauma and learn to trust Gerard?

And will Gerard ever truly trust Frank with all his secrets?

Adding and changing things always adds a good twist (: Blah, blah, blah, why does everyone care whether or not Gerard is gay? Oh and Gerard is not gay, I dont know about Bert Mc Cracken, but gerard is not gay!! Just to clarify, Gerard is married to Lyn-Z from their latest tour backing group - Mindless Self Induldgence. But shoot me down in flames if I'm wrong :) I LOVE this song. THEY R #1and no miss smart ass he does not have a g/f named katie her name is katmando and they recently broke up happy with her my ass with her my he never dated amylee wtf?!????!? I'm not saying that the song is or is not based on a book, for I am not even loosely connected to My Chemical Romance and would not know what it is truly about.

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