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Speaking to the Cowen and Company 45th Annual Technology, Media and Telecom Conference this week, Donovan characterized the current tower model this way: “We rent an apartment and are charged every time” a new appliance is brought to the space and plugged in.

“We’re after a model that is more like a real estate model based on square footage,” he said. Asked whether the carrier is getting back into the tower business, he said: “We’re good builders.

All of the companies that have been sued — and of which the will note at the top and bottom of this post the date on which the information was most recently updated, and will indicate in red which information has been most recently added.

Readers interested in keeping up to date on the number of lawsuits will want to check back frequently.

The running tallies below are meant to include a listing of any company that has been sued based on allegations of options timing manipulations, regardless whether the allegations are based on options backdating, options springloading, or hiring-related options timing.

Securities Fraud Class Actions (Total as of latest update = 39): 1. Amkor Technology (see discussion of this case here) 3.

Before the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate reform became law on July 30, 2002, companies didn't need to disclose option grants until several months after they were awarded.

American Tower was one of 17 companies that had three or more option grants that appeared unusual compared to stock prices just before or after the grant date, according to the center's research director Marc Siegel, noting that his research firm is not stating that American Tower had backdated options, but was a company that had a higher risk profile for options backdating.

(Fortune Magazine) -- Just when backdating options seemed like the state-of-the-art method for executives to line their pockets, along comes a crafty yet legal tactic that involves stashing stock grants in the furthest corners of the footnotes: Call them backdoor options. But backdating isn't the only eyebrow-raising element of their compensation strategies.

In example, American Tower provided its executives with options on March 1 at .50, the closing price of the stock on that date.

If the stock is trading at .50 when they exercise the option, they will receive a profit of .00 per share.

In addition, the plaintiffs allege that the M-Systems officers and directors breached their fiduciary duty to M-Systems shareholders by backdating stock options and sought to further their own interests by approving the merger. Special thanks to Adam Savett of the Lies, Damned Lies blog for bringing this lawsuit to the attention of .

Zoran Corp ERISA or 401(k) Litigation (Total as of latest update = 5): 2. The lawsuits allege that the terms of the deal are not fair to M-Systems shareholders.

“As more Americans use mobile devices to call, text and stream content, the safety of workers who maintain and construct communications towers is more critical than ever,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and Assistant Deputy Secretary for Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dorothy Dougherty in a joint statement.

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