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Drug shipments are also regularly discovered hidden in containers of bananas and pineapples.

Spain's proximity to Morocco, a key source of hashish, and its close ties with its former colonies in Latin America, a major cocaine-producing region, have made it a major gateway into Europe for drug traffickers.

I'm here mostly for casual chat and maybe some rp/cyber.

I'm a bit wary about putting a picture up on here so here's a bit of what I look like.

Today, we live in a television culture characterized by cord-cutters and time-shifters. Yet as a thirtysomething member of the middle class, I catch myself thinking that my consumption habits—I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus, and full cable; I still appointment-view several shows—are somewhat typical. They watch it at the end of the night to wind down from studying, they watch it when they come home tipsy, they binge it on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

It’s everything an overstressed yet media-hungry millennial could desire.

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She is a Muslim of Palestinian and Egyptian heritage, and an active member of various inter-faith networks.6'2", shaved head, short reddish beard, 250lbs with broad shoulders.I'll tell you more if you ask nicely.well, well, back again after some time away, like so many of us here.message system here sucks, can never tell if its working or not.You can always ask for my email if you want to chat over that instead Reasonably normal (by Babble standards). Take this quiz to find out which one actually truly fits your being.

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