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At the salon where she works, her talking vagina insults a lesbian client, which leads to her being fired. Virginia regales the assembled physician with show tunes. Pearl becomes her agent, and over Penelope's objections, launches Penelope and Virginia on an entertainment career.

The movie stars Candice Rialson as Penelope, a hairdresser who discovers her vagina has the power of speech after it derisively comments on a lover's performance.

Penelope's talking vagina has a mind of its own, which includes a desire to sing.

Many people are too inhibited at first and find it hard to flirt with strangers.

But as they say, practice makes perfect: the more you participate in free adult chat rooms, the more you'll learn how to "dirty talk" and become an expert.

Penelope and her talking vagina wind up exploited by her psychiatrist (Larry Gelman), who launches her on a career in show business.

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