About teen interracial dating


Your ex is hurt, scared, and angry that his daughter would be attracted to and/or wants to date black boys.

His heightened fears and considerable prejudice against the black race have made him become a desperate man.

Using data collected from the beginning of the United States to current conditions, the following will examine the country’s history of bi-racial relationships.In the early colonial years interracial relationships were illegal due to property ownership.As slavery was still in effect, the question, especially within the state of Maryland was whether the children would be black property or white who would be free.Virginia followed suit in the late 1600’s, labeling children as abominations.Even when slavery was abolished with the thirteenth amendment, there were still southern states that created Black Codes, denying interracial couples validity and legality. Virginia in 1967, there were many legal blocks to biracial relationships.It’s very hard to find one good one in a barrel of bad ones.

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