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Papers were critically appraised and findings summarised.

Twenty two studies using a theoretical model to predict CAM use were included in the final review; only one examined child use. The most commonly used and successful model was Andersen's Sociobehavioural Model (SBM).

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A systematic search of the literature was carried out.

A two-stage selection process with predetermined inclusion/exclusion criteria identified studies using a theoretical framework depicting the interaction of psychological factors involved in the CAM decision process.

This AUP may be revised, without notice, at any time, at the sole discretion of 123 Reg.

Two papers proposed modifications to the SBM for CAM use. The SBM modified for CAM use, which incorporates both psychological and pragmatic determinants, was identified as the best conceptual model of CAM use.

This model provides a valuable framework for future research, and could be used to explain child CAM use.

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